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"Bikebecue" adding to the events of Bike Week

Creative Commons License photo credit: philxthomas

There are a few great bicycle events coming up next week. The first one that has been confirmed and nailed down is as follows:

The wonderful Leland Rowley over at Rowley Press is putting together an awesome bike event in conjunction with the Mayor’s Bike-to-Work Day – Provo’s first ever Bikebecue! The event is taking place on Tuesday, May 18th. We will be leaving from Rowley Press (39W 200N Provo) by bicycle at 6pm en-route to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. If you do no feel up for a ride that far (I have done it with new riders, it is not that bad), you can meet up with us at the mouth of the canyon and ride the rest of the way in. Here is the info straight from Leland’s event on Facebook:

Bikes, BBQ, Bike Polo, Bikes, Smoothies made on the Provo Bike Council’s Bike Blender, some Bikes, perhaps Bike Jousting (if we can figure out how to do it without killing people) and more BBQ. Why not come?

We are biking up to Vivian Park to have the best BBQ ever. I will bring charcoal and perhaps a match or two. You will bring whatever treat you want to cook up.

Let me know if you have any questions!

PS: If you need a bike, let me know and we will try and find one. I have a couple laying about that you could borrow if you speak quickly 🙂

PPS: If you don’t want to bike all the way from Rowley Press, feel free to meet us at Bridal Veil or anywhere else along the trail for a bit of a shorter ride. Still come to Rowley Press if you like, and then you can carpool with the others who are meeting there.
(Hopefully these cookies will also be making an appearance. Hint hint Krysta.)

That’s right, you read correctly: bikes, BBQ, pedal powered smoothies, polo, and non-lethal jousting. This is going to be a BBQ for the ages. Do you really want to have to tell you offspring that you missed it? I personally could not live with that guilt so I am going to be there. To top off all the awesomeness Leland is also making spoke cards to commemorate the event. If any one needs a bicycle contact Leland or BikeProvo as I have some extra bicycles that have not been claimed yet. We hope to see you all out for this evening of bicycling and friends. As Paul Fournel says, “Friends in life who are bike friends are double friends: soup and sandwiches.” So, bring your soups, sandwiches, chickens, hamburgers, tofu burgers, and come ride your bike.

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