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BikeProvo Rides With Line of Sight Premier

If you missed the Line of Sight Premier last night you missed one of the best bike nights in Provo so far this summer! The Bike Collective hosted the event, and over 50 people showed up to enjoy. There was bike riding, a give away, great people, and a really rad movie. As we mentioned in our last post about the film, we do not recommend that any one ride like this (especially in Provo), but to watch these professionals find gaps in traffic that look impossible or invisible is pretty cool. Best thing of all it is great to get a glimpse into different bike cultures, and how they work, and with Brunelle’s film you can not help but be sucked in. A big thanks to the Collective, and to Brunelle for making this happen. Check out the photos below (provided by the wonderful Kate Chandler) for all the goodness.

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