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BYU Bicycle Booth

(Photo: AmandaJ)

There are some great groups of students at BYU right now that are working towards a more bicycle friendly Provo. One of them is a group led by Jeff Allen. They have a booth up and running today and tomorrow on the second floor atrium of the Tanner Building. The booth has all sorts of bicycle information as well as a sign up for the Provo Bicycle Committee and, People for Bikes. On Friday they will be doing FREE tune-ups at the bike racks by the Tanner Building as well. Make sure to swing by and support them in their project. Also, the more numbers they get the more BYU will start to see the importance of tailoring to bicycle transportation a little more.

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  1. I’m (wo)manning the booth right now! We’re on the 2nd floor of the Tanner Building. Wednesday 11-2, Thursday 11-1, and then tune ups Friday 8-11.

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