Station 22

Remember Mountain West’s awesome chips and salsa deal? Well Station 22 is about to do you one better. From Station 22 Facebook:

Station 22 is committed to supporting cyclists and bicycle-friendly initiatives in downtown Provo. Keep an eye out for our participation in the Bicycle Benefits program. Cyclists with the BB sticker will receive 10% anything, all the time!

Did you know:
Bicycle lanes in Portland, OR have saved its citizens 2.9 billion miles in driving. This equals roughly 2.6 billion dollars in consumer savings. Savings which are going to the consumer who rides their bike. This same consumer has been shown to be more frequent and loyal customers.

As things roll out we will make sure you have all the info. What a great step to a more bike friendly Provo!

Bicycle Benefits Coming to Provo

Want 20% off your hamburger for riding your bike? A free drink for locking up to a tree instead of taking up a parking space? Bicyclists may soon be able to get deals and discounts like these as Provo begins to take part in the national Bicycle Benefits program.

The Daily Herald reports:

“Zac Whitmore — who leads Provo Bicycle Committee and the Provo Bicycle Collective — said he and other bicyclists are trying to spread information about the program to both Provo residents and local businesses. He said Provo cyclists are hoping to have the program operating in the city by spring and are talking to an array of local restaurants and other businesses about participation.

Whitmore explained that participating businesses obtain stickers from the Bicycle Benefits website, then sell them to cyclists, usually for $5. The result is a symbiotic relationship that benefits both customers who receive discounts, as well as business owners.”

The stickers aren’t available yet. But, the Bike Committee is working on selling the idea to local shops and restaurants. Keep watching the blog for updates.