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Intermountain Utah Valley Hospital Bike Accessibility Project Completed: Benefiting Patients, Employees, and the Community

February 11, 2022, Provo, UT–– Provo City, Intermountain Utah Valley Hospital (UVH), and BikeWalk Provo have collaborated to complete a major project that improves cycling infrastructure in Utah County. This project creates a bike path through the UVH campus from 500 W to 300 W, connecting additional new bike paths on 300 W and 940 N, both recently added as part of a Provo City repaving project.

Utah Valley Hospital is now surrounded on all sides by cycling facilities: protected bike lanes on Cougar Boulevard, buffered bike lanes on 500 W, and bike lanes on 800 N and 300 W. These bikeways connect Utah Valley Hospital to the Provo River Trail, BYU campus, Downtown Provo, and the Provo Frontrunner Station, drastically improving neighborhood bikeway connectivity.

“Creating accessibility to the hospital by bike and scooter gives the community and UVH employees greater access to the hospital and its services. Plus, as Provo’s second largest employer and a certified Bicycle Friendly Business, UVH is setting an example of corporate social responsibility for businesses around the state. UVH has worked for years to provide its employees with safe bicycle infrastructure around the hospital and high-quality fully-enclosed bike parking,” said Austin Taylor, Executive Director for BikeWalk Provo.

The UVH project is one of many improvements to biking and walking infrastructure that the city has seen lately.

“Active transportation is an important goal for Provo City, and we will continue to seek out similar collaborative opportunities to make our community accessible and safe for all citizens, whether they drive, walk or bike through town,” said Mayor Michelle Kaufusi.

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BikeWalk Provo is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Provo, Utah with a mission to advocate for street design and culture that makes it safe, convenient, and fun for all people to move around by bike or foot. Learn more at

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