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Introducing Provo’s New Bikeway: The Lakeview Parkway Trail


A short photo essay by Joli Hunt, who regularly bikes to school and work along 500 West and hopes the day it will be striped with bike lanes is not too far away.

Have you had a chance yet to bike on Provo newest trail? It’s all the rave for us who live near south 500 West and anyone else living in southwest Provo. It can be enjoyed, however, by those far and near. The 3.7 mile-long Lakeview Parkway and Trail that runs parallel to the road on its south side stretches from I-15 to the Provo Municipal Airport and has access points at 1860 South (via the walkway that crosses at I-15 from the East Bay Technology Park), 500 West, 1100 West, and 3110 West near the airport.

Exciting, right? The trail makes possible riding on the edge of southwest Provo and opens up some wonderful vistas of the surrounding fields, and as the name indicates, views of the lake, and mountains in the distance. On both sides you can see fields and pastures where ranchers and livestock, farmer and their crops have been contributing to Utah’s food supply for many generations.

Thanks to Mayor Curtis and other city officials who insisted that this separated multi-use trail be built as part of the road project. The trail is a wonderful amenity and helps to improve the quality of life of all Provo residents, especially those who live nearby in southwest Provo. I hope access to the trail is made safer with the creation of bike lanes on 500 West.


Looking west along the trail near 500 West. Notice the parking lot on the right side where you drive and then bike from if you live too far way to bicycle from. Parking is found in multiple places along the road where you can park your car and the bike or walk along the multi-use path. 


Another view looking to the east and i-15 from about the same place at the 500 West intersection of the roadway and trail on the right.


Traveling west along the multi-use path. Notice the 5 foot separation between the path and the roadway. In some places, the path is separated from the road by a concrete barrier, as you can see in the distance.


Looking north from the Lakeview Parkway and trail along 1100 North. Notice the bicycle lanes on both sides that run from the parkway all the way to 600 South (and beyond) thus making for safer access of the trail. Similar lanes are needed on 500 West.


Another view further west of the 1100 West intersection. One can often see Utah Lake along the route beyond the fields, range, and swampland.


Further west. After a lengthy straight stretch, the road makes several slow curves as it approaches the airport.


Looking from the trail and across the road to the north.


Another view to the west.


The trail and road curving toward the airport.


Bicyclists ahead as the trail heads toward the airport and connects to 3110 West.


At the end of the trail at the entrance to the airport, Mark Jense Parkway, and the beginning of 3110 West. Bike lanes from here to Center Street are needed.

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