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‘Line of Sight’ Premier

LINE OF SIGHT – Official Trailer from Zenga Bros on Vimeo.

The Provo Bicycle Collective is going to have a the honor of premiering a film that has been in the works for the last 10 years about AlleyCat races from all over the world. While we here at BikeProvo do not recommend you ride like anybody in the trailer, we do recommend you go support the Collective and watch what will be some incredible riding. Here is the information from the Facebook event, make note of the last sentence;

This is a world premier of a film about AlleyCat races. Lucas Brunelle has been racing and filming bike messenger races for over 10 years all over the world, and The Provo Bicycle Collective is getting the premier edit. There will be a short ride before the film leaving from Joaquin park (400E 400N) at 9:00 sharp. This is going to be an EPIC film, and an event not to miss. There will be a $3 donation at the door. Tell all your friends, and have them tell their friends. If you have ANY hesitations check out the trailerhttp://vimeo.com/43954522. This is a film about underground, unsanctioned racing, it is possible that there will be some coarse language so please take that into consideration.

Where: Provo Bicycle Collective 1100 W 49 N #2

When: Monday July 2nd at 9:15 sharp for the ride, 9:30 for the movie.


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