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Reporting from the First Provelo of 2011

The first Provelo Family Bike Picnic of 2011 was a delight.

Old and new friends gathered together to eat the lunches they brought (as well as some delicious communal dishes, like Bike Committee member Carol Ann’s quinoa salad). They chowed down on watermelon and fearlessly accepted challengers for the bike jousting competition.

The devoted bike advocates inked themselves with (temporary) bike tattoos.

And, there was a surprise visitor. Steve, the main marketing extraordinaire from Yuba Bicycles, came bearing food and a cargo bike. He had heard about Provo’s growing bike culture and came to check us out. (Pictured at the top in the white hat…thanks for visiting Steve!)

As always, thanks for coming to Provelo. We were especially delighted to see all the families and kids. Next month’s bike picnic will be even better, so stay tuned for more information!

Can’t get enough bike jousting pictures? Here’s one headed straight for the face. (It really doesn’t hurt that much at all. Most of the time.)

How about jousting from the back of a trusty steed of a bike?

Swerve and your opponent won’t be able to reach you…

Don’t miss next time for even more jousting excitement. I know I’ll be practicing my technique all month.

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  1. I intended to come to this, but I had a wedding reception that I was unwilling to miss. However, I met Steve (from Yuba Bikes), earlier that day, at Urban Downfall. I rode his ‘trusty steed’ and drooled over it. It’s a pretty slick setup. Hope to catch you guys next time.

  2. Jamie thanks for the great write up! We were just reading this and laughing about how much fun this event was. I can not wait for the next one.

  3. Hey, Guys! What a great time. Thanks so much. So glad to see all the effort you are putting into improving bicycling for Provoians. As a result of your efforts, more people will be using bicycles for everyday errands; connecting with their community, reducing their fossil fuel use and feeling more alive!

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