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Safety Awareness Provo River Trail Ride Today

Bicicletada Nacional SPDon’t forget to come to the Safety Awareness ride tonight, for a chance to spend some time with the Provo cycling community and fight back against the sexual assaults that have happened on the trail.

Here’s the essential info from the Safety Awareness Ride event on Facebook:

We will be riding the River Trail towards Coffee Pod in honor of the people and families that have been affected by incidents on the River Trail in Provo. This ride is to raise awareness of safety on the trail and to prevent issues like rape and accidents from happening there in the future. We will start the ride at 7pm SHARP! So please be there between 630 and 645. We will then hop on the trail and ride it towards Coffee Pod for their women’s poetry night! This is a very important ride and it will really help us gather as a community in support of safety. Please invite everyone to this! See you there!

The address for the Provo Bicycle Collective is: 1100 W.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ferligabue

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