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Summer 2012 Provo Bicycle Committee Golden Spoke Award Recipient: Roxanne Miser

The Provo Bicycle Committee is pleased to introduce the first ever Golden Spoke Award at this year’s Bike to Work event. The award is presented to a Provo cyclist who exhibits a commitment to bicycling on a daily basis all year around. It is called the Golden Spoke because each bicyclist is like a spoke in a wheel that helps make Provo a more bicycle friendly community. Each of us can advocate for bikes, more bike-friendly complete streets, bike lanes, and racks, and most importantly each of us can bike wherever and whenever possible. The Provo Bicycle Committee will present this award twice a year–once at this event each spring, and once in the fall at a city council meeting.

Here is some information about this spring’s recipient:

Roxanne Miser finds that her 1995 Schwinn mountain bike, with a basket on the rack, gets her to most places she wants to go around the valley. Living in Provo’s Lakeside neighborhood, she makes almost daily grocery trips to Smiths for produce and other staples, and makes weekly rides out to Wal-Mart and Sunflower Market as well. She is an avid hiker and relies on her bike to get her to the various local trailheads. Most of us who frequent the River Trail have seen Roxanne out for rides with her husband and three blonde boys in tow, the most common destination being BYU’s Creamery. She does avoid days in which the street are icy and snowy, but otherwise rides year round, and doesn’t let a little drizzle get in the way of a grocery run.

Congratulations, Roxanne!

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