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The Reason We Should All License Our Bicycles

(Mayor Curtis reading a proclamation about bicycles as transportation.)

I do not know if many of you know but the Mayor of our great little city has a blog. On the blog he talks about changes happening or coming to Provo as well as some of the stuff he does as Mayor. His most recent post is one that we should all read and take action with.

About a week or so ago the Mayor had a bicycle stolen. It was the usual story of bicycle being left out exposed with out a lock. Luckily for him he took the time to register said bike at the Provo Bike to Work Day. As a result the Orem PD found the bike abandoned at a park and were able to return it to the rightful owners. This seems to be a running theme here in the Provo area.

I lived in Las Vegas for 18 years. I lost many bicycles and saw many friends lose bicycles to theft. Not once did any of these bicycles get returned registered or unregistered. Since living in Provo I have seen quite a few bicycles stolen as well. The difference between Vegas and Provo (besides the obvious) is that all the bikes in Provo that have been registered and stolen, that I am aware of, have been returned. There are really good odds that if your bicycle is stolen and registered you will see it again. Moral of the story register your bike and give your self one more tool for not loosing it forever. Sub-moral of the story lock up your bike the right way.

The Good Lord Smites Bike Thieves
(If only this is how it worked.)

Creative Commons License photo credit: KarlOnSea

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  1. It’s good to know that many of these stolen bikes are returned. I registered mine a while back but I wasn’t sure it would actually help. Looks like it does!

    Registering is only a dollar. Plus, I’ve seen them give it away for free at a couple events around town (the bike to work day and the bike rodeo).

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