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UTA Meeting Tonight


As many of you know Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is coming to Provo. Overall this will be a great asset to Provo and to the valley in general. Along the way there has been a need to let the folks at UTA know that bicycles are important to the success of the project. UTA and their engineering firm have been very helpful and responsive despite a glitch in their system. They have been working with the Provo Bicycle Committe as well as the city to make sure that all needs are met (it should be noted that even though they have been very open and helpful it does not assure bicycle lanes hence the need to attend this meeting). Tonight is a great opportunity to get together with those involved in the project and let them know in person that bicycle lanes are important. It is also a great opportunity to get more educated on the project as a whole. Hope to see you there. From the BRT Website:

Public Hearing

May 5, 2011, 5:00 – 7:00 PM
Westmore Elementary School
1150 South Main Street, Orem


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