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Yehuda is Back!!!!!!!

What’s that, you have never heard of Yehuda Moon? Well, you obviously have not lived yet. Yehuda Moon is a daily online comic that gives awesome insight into the bicycling world from all riders’ perspectives. Yehuda Moon himself is a year round, car free, transportational cyclist. He works at the Kickstand Cyclery with Joe a purebred road cyclist, and Thistle a kick butt bakfiets mama. The comic follows the adventures of Yehuda, Joe, Thistle, and a revolving cast that have all the same encounters, adventures, and issues that most riders have dealt with at least once. From time to time Rick Smith (the artist/author) will take a break from the comic. The last break just ended and now my mornings are complete again (my home page is set to I hope you all enjoy the link to the comic and make it a daily visit to add to the love of bicycles in your lives. If you really like it I recommend subscribing to the comic as it will help keep it going. Hope your day is full of sunshine and tailwind.

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