Announcing BikeWalk Provo’s Self-guided Walking Tour

With most of us stuck inside and the weather absolutely beautiful, many have been turning to leisurely walking for some social distancing-friendly fresh air.

This spike in walking has inspired us to create a walking tour of downtown Provo!

On this tour, you will see both good and bad examples of street design, residential and commercial development, public transit, and historic preservation.

You may choose to skip the UVX ride for five blocks or not. If you do ride, please wear a mask and wash your hands before and after. And note that lead time between buses is about double what it usually is.

*We should also explain the 361 N 300 W item on this map: these condos produce $100,000 per acre per year in property tax revenue for the city. This is roughly 20 times more financially productive than the average single-family detached home for Provo City. Financial productivity is just one of the many reasons allowing dense development is in the interest of Provo City.

**Also, thanks to Ian Dalton (@hickorybell) for the map design.

Get out there, have some fun, and please share with us what you learn!

Download printable PDF version here

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  1. This was a really informative tour! It is definitely worth your time to learn more about what Provo is doing well and what they could improve to make the streets better for pedestrians.

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