ACTION ALERT—Support the BYU Music Building

BikeWalk Provo members, we need you to speak up, either by email or during the Provo City Planning Commission meeting next Wednesday evening.

BYU has announced the construction of a new music building on the corner of 900 E and 1100 N, southeast of its law school. The building will be used primarily for instruction and student performances. It will also serve as a venue for concerts open to the public, which are held during the evening or on Saturdays and can therefore take advantage of the existing parking lots in the evening, when BYU students and employees are gone. 

At a recent hearing, members of the Provo Planning Commission pressed BYU to build a parking garage as a part of this project. Not only do parking garages come at an incredible cost at $30,000 per parking space, but the construction of a parking structure will only induce more driving. It would undermine the progress BYU has achieved over the last several years to discourage driving and incentivize transit and active transportation. Rather than encouraging BYU to continue in this sustainable trajectory, the Planning Commission is asking for the opposite.

Please raise your voice in support of the BYU Music Building by emailing the Planning Commission at by Tuesday evening or calling in your comments during the meeting, which will be available via an on-demand YouTube viewing next Wednesday evening, starting at 6 pm soon. The item has been continued and will be heard again at a later date.

Talking points to use:

  • Only 40% of trips to BYU are by car
  • The peak use of BYU parking is in the day. Performances can take advantage of existing empty parking in the evening.
  • BYU already has the second-highest student-per-parking space ratio in the state; a rate above the national recommendation
  • Parking garages cost at least $30,000 per parking space and are an unwise long-term investment with shared autonomous vehicles coming
  • Increase transit accessibility with a 900 E Creamery UVX stop and BYU Ryde shuttles to BYU football parking
  • Place parking restrictions on the city streets across 900 East if you are worried about spillover—time limits, fees, or parking permit programs
  • Let BYU build!

RIDE OF SILENCE ANNOUNCEMENT This year, the Ride of Silence will be virtual instead of in-person. Here’s how to participate: 1. Ride in silence 2. Remember and honor those who’ve been hit & killed while riding or seriously injured 3. Ride slowly and a relatively short distance – this is not a race 4. Wear a helmet & obey road laws for bicyclists Take a selfie photo or 2 and use the hashtag #RideofSilence2020 and location of the event when posting their rides on social media.

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Bike Month has begun! But it’s going to look much different this year. @mayorkaufusi, @provocity, and BikeWalk Provo invite you to ride your bike to a shop or dine at local business this month, take a photo of yourself, and upload it to Instagram and/or Facebook with the hashtag #ProvoProud. A few lucky people will win gift cards to some great Provo businesses. Get out there and ride!

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The BikeWalk Provo Public Works Department’s latest tactical urbanism project shows that protected bike lanes can be built on the cheap! Provo residents and @brighamyounguniversity students and employees love the new protected bike lanes on Cougar Boulevard. But we are puzzled why on the final block before entering campus–just as the numbers of people on bikes is the greatest–the concrete barriers disappear. We hope @provocity will soon install a barrier and BYU will make this campus entrance safe by completing its gap in the bike lane. #provoproud #bikemonth #bikeprovo #bikewalkprovo #tacticalurbanism

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