Bike-Friendly Business

At The Farmers Market

Went to the Provo Farmers Market this weekend, and was pleasantly surprised by a few bicycle friendly additions. I am not sure which one I was most excited about so these are coming at you in no particular order.

The handsome gentleman above is Greg Caldwell, and he makes some very beautiful ceramic must haves.

The robot on his bike is my all time favorite.

Got mine! Make sure to get yours.

Next up is the most awesome thing to ever happen to our awesome Market. FREE VALET BIKE PARKING! Thanks to the Provo Bicycle Collective. This is honestly the greatest thing ever as I am always concerned about my bike when I am at the Market because there are no good lock up points. If you do not normally go to the Farmers Market now is the time to start even if it is just to say you have had your bike valet parked.

The things that make both of these new additions even better is that they are right across the way from each other. This will allow you to get your bike valet parked, and then get your bike inspired bowl/cup. See you at the Market next week.




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  1. We didn’t get a bowl or mug, but my husband’s and my bikes are in the picture. Free bike valet parking is the best.

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