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Beautiful Bike In Provo

I was volunteering at our wonderful Bicycle Collecitve this weekend, and stumbled across this beautiful bike which belongs to Allen Ludwig local artist, and gentleman, using the Collective to put the finishing touches on his new bike. The bike is a Rivendell Hunqapillar which has been built up right. While snapping some photos I went ahead and asked Allen some questions.

BikeProvo: First off this is an awesome bike! What made you go with Rivendell.

Allen: I wanted something that was really nice, and that would fit me properly. I am pretty tall so finding a bike that fits right is really hard. (Allen’s bike looks like a monster truck. As one of the other volunteers pointed out, “He is ready to storm the gates of Mordor”)

BP: Well it looks massive. What do you plan on using it for.

A: I plan on using it for everything; grocery shopping, transportation, S240’s, touring, even some 80’s style mountain biking.

BP: That is really awesome! I know these types of bikes do not come cheap, and I heard that you have been saving for awhile. Do you mind if I ask how you payed for it?

A: I saved for a year straight. I had a jar at home I would put cash in. I was making art pieces and selling them, working extra hours, anything I could do really.

BP: Well, I am glad it payed off you have a wonderful bike built up and rolling.

A big thanks to Allen for letting us take some pictures of him. Make sure to look for Allen while you are out riding, and tell him congratulations on the new build.




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