Provo Bicycle Collective Gives 90 Bikes for Bike to School Week

From Provo Bicycle Collective:

“When the school district asked us to participate in Bike to School Week this year, we went all in. Provo Bicycle Collective originally promised 75 bikes to local elementary schools, but the requests kept coming after that, until we reached 90 bikes.

Why did we promise this? Because every kid deserves a bike. Most of us remember our first bike as a child because it gave us freedom; freedom to explore at the speed of discovery. Every child deserves this feeling.

This week, most of those bikes were given out to children who didn’t already own a bike. To say they were thrilled is an understatement. I’ll let this photo do the talking from here.

If you’ve ever volunteered with us, know that you played a huge part in this. All giveaway bikes are refurbished by volunteers like you. We can’t thank you enough! See more photos of these kids here and don’t forget to share!

If you’d like to ensure all kids get a bike, regardless of family income, donate today!Just $50 gives a bike to a kid in need!”

Provo Bicycle Collective Invites Women to Volunteer


“Bike mechanics has traditionally been a male-dominated trade. Let’s change that.

Women’s volunteer hours are designed to create a safe and inclusive space for learning bike mechanics. All bicycles repaired by volunteers are given away to people who couldn’t otherwise afford one, giving independent transportation to those who need it most. Our goal in creating this program will be reached if women feel included in our volunteer program.

We invite all women and other female-identifying people to join us during these volunteer hours to repair bikes for those in need. We need your help!

Provo Bicycle Collective gave away 408 bikes in 2017 and with your help, we will give away many more in the years to come.”

Current volunteer hours for this program are Mondays from 4pm to 7pm.   Drop in anytime during those hours to join.

New Mural Chosen for the Provo Bicycle Collective

After dozens of incredible submissions, the Provo Bicycle Collective has chosen a design to be painted on the side of their new building.

Check out this standout design by George Patterson. b3a54ecc0915f9347c3f53fa31d161fe_L

Congrats to George! Love how the design highlights all of the local lanes and mountainous trails. Can’t wait to see it on the building – it’s being prepped every time I ride by.

There were tons of other inspiring submissions as well. Perhaps we can work to see some of these on other buildings throughout the city?

The New Provo Bicycle Collective Location is Magical


If you haven’t visited the new Provo Bicycle Collective location in the Joaquin neighborhood, you just have to stop by.

They’ve taken over an abandoned corner building / former graffiti magnet and are turning it into something the neighborhood can be proud of.

You’ll find it at: 397 E. 200 N.

Well-organized tool benches, plenty of indoor bike parking, expert advice, and just about everything you need to spiffy-up your bicycle for the summer. You can even buy a used bike to help support the non-profit.

The new space is…dare I say… sort of magical.

Huge props to the herculean efforts of the Bicycle Collective staff for making this happen, to the Joaquin Neighborhood for their inspiring support, and to the Planning Commission & City Council for their willingness to catch the vision.







Help the Provo Bicycle Collective Move Into This Rad New Building


Tuesday night (June 7th), the Provo City Council will decide if the Provo Bicycle Collective is able to use this incredible space in the Joaquin neighborhood as their new headquarters. For many years, this space that was once a neighborhood grocery market has been an empty eyesore. The Planning Commission already gave unanimous consent… now a lot of big plans look like they’re about to be reality. You can help by showing up at the council meeting, voicing your support, and lending a hand with the move. Check out the details from Provo Bicycle Collective Director Austin Taylor below:

Everything You Need to Know about the Big Move:

It’s been a long time coming… We are so excited to move into this beautiful new building! Our new shop is located in a more bicycle-oriented neighborhood and about three times the size of our current location. So moving in would mean more space to work on your bikes, more people buying and receiving bikes and many more cyclists in Provo. Basically it will save the world.

Tomorrow is the day. The City Council Meeting starts at 5:30pm at 351w Center Street in Provo. We are item #11 on the agenda, and you never know how slowly or quickly decisions are made, so showing up at 6pm could be a safe bet.
We need as many of you as possible to raise your voice in support of this move! A supportive public means more likelihood of the zoning amendment required for us to set up shop.

When they say yes, the landlord will give us the key on the spot and we will immediately turn volunteer night (tomorrow) into a huge semi-organized grassroots move.

BRING TRUCKS. BRING TRAILERS. BRING CARGO BIKES. Whatever you have that can transport large items will be greatly needed. We will be shuttling things from 49n 1100w to 397e 200n from 7pm to 10pm (normal volunteer night hours). I’m gonna see what kind of snacks I can get us.


What’s Up with the Provo Bicycle Collective? Earn-a-Bike Program, Detention Center Course, Mechanics 101, and More


by Heather Skabelund

The Provo Bicycle Collective is aiming to teach bicycle mechanics and maintenance to as many people in our County as possible. Their efforts have expanded in the last year and now include three main education programs.

Bicycle Mechanics 101 is an ongoing class on Tuesday nights at 7PM. Each class lasts 30 minutes and consists of a lecture and demonstration on a specific maintenance skill. Those attending are welcome to stay after to work on their bike or volunteer at the shop.

Earn-A-Bike is bike mechanics course offered for free to anyone ages 6-18. The classes are once a week for 10 weeks. Participants learn self-sufficiency skills including how to change a tire, to adjusting brakes, to taking apart a hub. Adam Khalilullah teaches 10-15 students each week and says, “I get to come here and work with kids after going to [BYU] all day. It’s the best part of my week.” Those who graduate, earn their own bike to take home with them and have skills they’ll keep forever.

At the Slate Canyon Detention Center, three staff members from the Collective teach a 12 week intensive bike mechanics course. The teens that participate receive a free bike voucher when they are released. Austin Taylor, the director of the Provo Collective, is often told that it’s a favorite class: “it’s a good outlet for them to be able to pick up tools and work out things with their hands.”

Learn more about the Provo Bicycle Collective by following their Facebook page here.

Please Support the Provo Bicycle Collective


For the last few years, the Provo Bicycle Collective has been an essential part of the local bicycling community. They’ve orchestrated free bicycle parking at the Farmer’s market, gone into our schools to help K-12 students build their own bikes, provided workshops for beginning cyclists, and (of course) offered a non-profit workshop for hundreds of residents to repair or build bicycles.

But, they need our help.

The collective is run by volunteers, receives no government funding, and is able to keep their doors open through donations from their patrons. However, the winter can be a particularly hard time for the little shop to survive. Can we all pitch in and donate what we can to help them keep providing these needful services to the community? We love these guys…they’ve done so much for Provo so let’s show them that we care!

Please make a donation on their GoFundMe page and spread the word.

Video thanks to Trevor Christensen.

Come Learn to Fix Your Bike!


The Provo Bicycle Collective is hosting their second Basic Bicycle Maintenance Class of the year! Now’s a perfect time to pull your bike out of the garage and make sure it’s running before spring hits!

The details:

Basic Bicycle Maintenance Class

Thursday February 20th, 6pm

Provo Bicycle Collective: 1100 W 49 N Unit 2, Provo UT 84601

5$ gets you into the class. 2$ patch kits will also be available and hot chocolate is free!

The class will cover some of the basics, such as:

– Changing a flat
– How to lubricate a chain
– Basic brake adjustment
– Correct tire inflation tips

Check out the event on facebook or just show up!  E-mail us at if you have questions.

Bring your friends and we’ll see you there!

Basic Maintenance Class at the Provo Bicycle Collective


Bring your friends to the Provo Bicycle Collective to learn the basics of bicycle maintenance on Thursday January 30th at 7pm!

The class will cover:

-Fixing a flat

-Chain care and lubrication

-Brake adjustment

-Tips on proper tire inflation

The class costs 5$ and hot chocolate will be included!

You can RSVP to the event on facebook, or just show up at the Collective’s Bike Shop located at 1100 W, 49 N, Provo UT 84601

The Provo Bicycle Collective is a non-profit volunteer run bicycle shop where mechanics teach visitors how to fix their own bicycles.  The collective also sells used bicycles and parts and are always looking for volunteers to help them organize, run events, tear down/fix up bicycles or teach classes.  They also accept donations.  Drop by during their open hours to check them out, or send them an e-mail!

Thursdays 1pm-7pm

Fridays 2pm-6pm

Saturdays 10am-3pm


See you there!

3rd Annual Glo-in-the-Dark Halloween Bike Ride!


Join lots of costumed cyclists this Thursday at 7pm for the Provo Bicycle Collective‘s 3rd Annual Glo-in-the-Dark Halloween Bike ride!  Decorate your bike with lights and ride around Provo for about an hour, then enjoy hot chocolate and treats at the Collective’s Community Bike Shop on 1100 W 49 N.  The ride starts at University Ave and Center st and Glo-sticks will be available for a small donation. There will be prizes for best lit bicycle and best costume!  You can check out the details on facebook.

Glo-in-the-Dark Halloween Ride Poster

If you aren’t familiar with the Provo Bicycle Collective, check out our previous post.  They are entering the toughest season of the year financially and appreciate your support! All donations will go towards keeping their doors open and serving the community!

See you Thursday!