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Bikes on Provo FrontRunner

This December, Provo is finally getting FrontRunner commuter train service to Salt Lake. I was already looking forward to riding my bike to the station, but what I didn’t realize is that FrontRunner actually has an entire cab dedicated to bicyclists.

Here’s what I saw when passing the Provo station this afternoon:

See all those bike symbols? Apparently, that cab has room for 12 bikes. You can just roll yours on in and sit next to it; no need to worry about awkwardly affixing it to some caboose carrier or anything.

Here’s a quick tour of how these cabs look:

Neat, huh? BikeSLC offers these tips for taking your bike on the FrontRunner:

Board the bi-level car closest to the locomotive. There are spaces for 12 bicycles to be parked upright on this car. If using any other car, enter through the door with a green bicycle symbol. Place the bicycle under the stairs (room for 4 bicycles). No bikes are allowed in single-level cars.

I’m already planning trips to Salt Lake restaurants and commutes to work using the train and my trusty Ticino. Where are you going to take your bike?

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  1. I am super excited for this, I was hoping they would have something useful– definitely a one up to Trax– where I always feel like an outcast when I take my bike.

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