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Biking to Campus

Our friends over at recently put up an awesome article on how PSU is promoting alternative transportation to school. The article (which can be found here) is a great reminder that it costs considerably less for students and for schools to promote public transportation and bicycles as opposed to cars. While one of our biggest universities has recently made some strong moves against public transit use in favor of car use they have been making some awesome strides towards making campus more bike friendly. With most students in Provo living within two miles of campus it only makes sense to make things at campus more bicycle friendly. Commuting to campus by bike with in two miles will always be faster than driving. I have heard that there is a group of students working on analyzing times and efficiency between cars and bicycles. We will be sure to have their Provo specific report on BikeProvo as soon as it is all polished up. I hope that all of you are staying warm in this unusually frigid weather. When the days are like this I like to curl up with this book and drink some hot chocolate while dreaming of Spring.

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