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Good To Be Back

As you may or may not have noticed BikeProvo has not had very much content the last month or so. The reason for this is that we were having some intense technical issues. It looks like all of that is finally come and gone. We can once again keep bringing you to notch bicycle information to keep you rolling.

While we have been out there is so much that I have wanted to post. Below you will find a list of all things bicycle that have caught my eye recently. I promise that following the links will be well worth your time. I hope that everyone is staying warm while riding or at least dreaming of riding when it gets warmer.

  • To get the list rolling we start with a great idea from Peter Miller. Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you could a) tell a driver that they are driving poorly or b) apply some u-lock justice. Well now you can do the less violent action with this image some glue and some magnets. We are printing some of these off and making sure they are in a convenient place while riding.
  • Personally I do not care if someone is Conservative, Liberal, or somewhere in between. However, this article has some great talking points about bicycles and bicycling that are good for those times when people ask, “Why do you ride bikes?”
  • This piece comes from While it is about cycling propaganda I mainly put it here to inspire some of you who are artistically inclined to make some similar posters for Provo. We will be waiting for emails with images attached.
  • Finally we have a great submission from one of our readers (thanks Krysta) it is a Tumblr dedicated to famous people on bikes. Enjoy

I have so much more to add but, this is probably a sufficient list for now. Keep checking in for more great bicycle information and inspiration.

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