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Graeme Obree Set to Break More Records

For those of you who are not familiar with the name Graeme Obree aka The Flying Scotsman please click here, and then watch this. While he has had some ups and downs this man has proven himself time and again on the bike. In the early 90’s he built a bike at home by himself using washing machine parts which proceeded to redefine cycling, and as BikeRumor puts it, “…was eventually banned by the UCI over concerns that it was making a disproportionate improvement to track records.” In other words this man is in a league of his own so when we heard that he was set to attempt a new record our ears could not help but perk up.

The video below is part of a series (found here) which will chronicle Obree building his own bike from scratch in his kitchen. The clip is a little long, but worth every second just to hear his ingenuity and confidence. He may be attempting the record right here in Utah which would be awesome. We will be checking in on Mr. Obree every now and then to find out his exact attempt location. As a side note the current record stands at 82mph. In all modesty but seriousness Obree thinks he can hit 100mph. That is 100mph unassisted flat out pedaling.

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