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Found this in our inbox this morning. We actually have a picture of this same message in flyer form from a post a few days ago. Details are sparse, but we thought we would pass on the word in case any of you or anyone you know has heard/seen anything. To clear up the statement a little bit the citations were being handed out that day for anyone going over 15mph in certain areas of the trail as you may remember from this recent post.

“On Sunday May 20, 2012 I witnessed users of the Provo River Trail being issued citations for no apparent reasons. I was shocked by one of the incidents in Nunn’s Park and tried to give my contact email to two female cyclists who were also concerned. Unfortunately I never received an email. I really want to get in touch with these good citizens, and/or any other alarmed observers. Please email, or call 801.226.0952 (no text messages please). Thanks.”


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