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New Bike Stamps, But Where Am I?

USPS just came out with some really awesome bicycle themed Forever Stamps. You can buy them and use them whenever you get around to it and not have to worry about future price hikes, which is pretty cool. The stamps feature a kid riding a bike, a cycle tourist, a triathlete, and a BMX racer.

All of these portrayals are awesome, and it is great to see some bicycle love on such a large scale, however I cannot help but ask where am I? I put on spandex and ride on the road, I throw on a Camelback and hit the Mountains, I love to load up my panniers and hit the road for a few days, I even have a BMX bike I like to ride to 7-11 for slurpees and curb jumping. Above all however I am a commuter I use my bike for transportation. It seems these stamps sum up all popular portrayals of bikes, and what is wrong with popular portrayals of bikes. They are either toys for kids or pieces of precision sports equipment that require special gear and clothing.

What we need is more bikes for bikes sake more bikes that we can jump on without funny shoes or stretchy clothes. Again, I love my stretchy clothes, and fancy shoes, but it is not as approachable as just any old bike. These perceptions of childhood, or elite entry, keep a lot of people from riding in a lot of ways. What I would like to see is a stamp that has a beach cruiser and a basket, or a patched together single speed commuter and a normal guy/gal with a backpack on. Here is to the normal bike, here is to the everyday rider, here is to you and me.

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