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New: Report a Provo Road Incident

catcubed instructs the tweeders on etiquette
Creative Commons License photo credit: greenkozi

A new feature on BikeProvo lets you instantly report a bike incident. Did you have a dangerous encounter with a car? See debris blocking a bike lane? Meet a friendly police officer who waved as you rode by? Reporting your bike-related road incidents helps us solve problems for cyclists and compile data that can be used to promote more bike lanes and safe routes for cyclists. Let us know what you encounter on the road, either positive or negative. Don’t be afraid of posting too often. By reporting your road incidents regularly, you help make Provo a better place for bikes.

You can create an instant report by clicking on the Report a Road Incident link on the top menu bar. Happy cycling!

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  1. Dido on the awesome comment! This is a great way for cyclists to report those things that aggravate us but, have no way of telling anyone. Thanks Jamie.

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