Provo-Orem Metro Area Ranks #20 in US for Green Transportation

BikeWalk Provo volunteers give Provo City public officials a tour of Provo’s bike infrastructure and transit system, 2019

The Provo-Orem metro area ranks #20 in StreetLight Data‘s 2020 Transportation Climate Impact index with the Salt Lake and Ogden metro areas not far behind.

Streetlight describes its index as follows: “Our top-ranking metro areas have the “greenest” transportation in terms of climate impact. Compared to their fellow metro areas they have low VMT, high bike and pedestrian travel, high transit use, high population density, and low circuity.”

Provo-Orem ranks high in walking and biking rates as well as circuity (directness of routes; thanks to our grid street design) but falls flat on its face in residential density and transit ridership. Number twenty in the nation is a good start, but we still have a ways to go.

Check out the complete rankings here.

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