Put Some Class on Your Bike


Not everyone has the cash the to buy a complete hand built bicycle with all the dreamy components to make the cool kids drool. Sure you could donate plasma for months and months till you have the coin to scoop up a Rivendell Hunqapillar, but that might be a little to intense for your speed. So are you forever stuck with your classless steed doomed to ride your miles in mediocrity? Well here are some quick and easy things you can do for you bike to make it stand out from the pack.


clean bike

Some of the hottest bikes out there are quite often the simplest. One of the appeals of a fixed gear bicycle is its simplicity.  So it would make sense that to give your bike a little class is to keep it clean. Don’t leave your cable lock wrapped around the top tube, carry it in a bag. Remove old and faded reflectors and replace them with much safer and removable be seen lights. Are you sponsored by Huffy? Probably not, so there is no sense in giving them free advertisement, stripping off decals and stickers is also a quick way to clean up a bike.  Bottle cages are a great way to stay hydrated on a long 50 mile rides, but they clutter up the bike for the under two mile trips you make daily.



Slimming down isn’t the only way to breath new life into your bike. Adding fenders is not only a great functional addition to any bicycle, but a set of full fenders really gives your bike a classic look that will stand the test of time. There a quite a few options to appropriately compliment your bike with ranging colors and materials and can be found used at your local Bicycle Collective.



Although a saddle is a steeper investment than most, its one that is considered the most important if you put any miles on your bike. Not only does a quality saddle get the looks, but your rear will thank you in the long run. Nothing says class and heritage than a B17 Brooks Saddle, they are pricey but well worth the investment if you take care of it. There are options as well for the more animal conscience cyclist, there are plenty of vegan saddles that have just as much style and comfort.

Handle Bars


Your cockpit is a place on your bike that can get overwhelmed with unnecessary attachments and mounts that can detract from the overall look of your bike. Back to the “simpler is better” mentality, less is more. Replace your complex index shifters with the ever reliable friction shifter. Grips get gummy and gross over time, put on a bright set of  Ourys to make your mitts happy.  The only peripheral attachment that should be put on a handle bar that isn’t brake handles or shifters is a bell, but keep that bell simple.

Though not for the faint of heart, a sure fire way to make the ladies swoon and fellas holler, the ape hangers.


Remember the Rule of Apes. “The taller your bar, the cooler you are”.




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