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Ride Report 6/20-6/27- Share Your Cycling Experiences

Come on, you know you’ve had some sort of biking experience this week. Go somewhere fun? Find a new path? Get into some trouble on the road? Run over a squirrel? No matter how big or small, we want to hear about your cycling week. Help make this feature successful by writing a comment!


This past week has been an awesome one for bicycles in Provo. The first Provelo event took place and had a great turn out and Mayor Curtis is now riding his bike to work. With all the great stuff going on I have had a chance to do a lot of riding outside of my standard commute. For me this week also marked two good friends birthdays accompanied by two good birthday bike rides. Both rides were great and actually tie in awesomeness. However I have been told that one of our readers will be doing the first B-day ride so, I will cover the second.

(Happy Birthday!)

My good friend Allie (pictured above) had her birthday on Thursday June 24th. For her birthday she requested that we wake up at 6:30am and ride bikes to Springville to beat the heat. Normally waking up that early is out of the question but, for bikes and friends I make exceptions. We all woke up and headed out to Springville. The weather was perfect we rode along some local connector streets until getting to the frontage road (Kuhni Blvd.) that goes by the railroad tracks out to Springville. We chose a nice pace and just meandered along with only one or two cars passing us the whole way to our destination (the Maverick in Springville). Once we got to the Maverick we rested a bit had some water and then started the ride home. All along the ride we chatted and checked out the farmlands and streams you pass by on the way to and from Springville. Once we got closer to Provo we started talking about food as none of us had eaten and decided to go to Gurus on Center St. I have not eaten there in a long time but can say their breakfast menu is the perfect way to end any morning ride. Thank you Allie’s mom for having her so I had an excuse to ride my bike with friends and eat some good food.


At the beginning of the week, my Townie’s front brakes were still out and they were surprisingly complicated for us to figure out. So, on Wednesday night I called up Some Buy Mobile Bike Repair and “some guy” named Rob pedaled over to my house to fix the brakes. I’ll save that whole story for another article, but suffice it to say that thanks to Rob my bike is finally up and running. Hurrah!

"Some Guy" Rob with Bike Repair Equipment

I spent the rest of the week sick in bed (boo!) but my brother-in-law Kyle was able to borrow one of our bikes and go for a spin around town. Kyle just graduated high school in Los Angles and this was his first time pedaling through the streets of Provo.

Kyle (Top, Right) Had Another, More Unusual Bike Experience This Weekend - See Upcoming Post

I asked him what he thought and he said: “There are a lot of mountain views and a lot of nice scenery. I’d say it’s easier to ride here than Los Angeles because there’s a lot less traffic.” Although Kyle isn’t going to be visiting for long, he said he’d like to try some more bike trips. So, I’m looking forward to having some more cycling adventures (and fewer broken bikes) with him and my husband this week!

Now it’s your turn! Share your cycling experiences in the comments.

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  1. Yea for Birthday rides this week! How much fun are summer birthdays? This week I also went on a Birthday bike ride for my awesome friend SUZY! (who also did the art for the Provelo posters) She picked to ride to BYU campus. What awesomeness! Props to those BYU landscapers because that campus is so gorgeous. Beautiful flowers and plants and well thought out ponds and trails. We got lucky and saw some cute baby ducks. What made it even better is that there are no cars to deal with on campus and because it was evening there was hardly any foot traffic. It was a really great ride with really great people!

  2. Last friday I rode in Portland’s ‘Bike and Sketch’ monthly ride. We spent an hour at the Portland Art Museum (free the last friday of the month) and then 2 more hours biking from place to place downtown and stopping to draw along the way. I met some new people and its great to see how not only bikes, but also art can bring people together. Maybe BYU and UVU’s art students would ride something like this in Provo!

  3. Spencer,
    That sounds like a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing with us from Portland. If any one wants to do an event like this let us know and we will get it up on the website.

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