Serious Pollution Alert Issued for Utah County

Bad news, bicyclists: the Utah Division of Air Quality just issued an air pollution alert for Utah County. According to the Daily Herald, our pollution levels are currently exceeding federal standards by three times.

“Authorities are prohibiting wood burning and urging people to limit driving.

Doctors say people — especially pregnant women and children — should stay indoors, or at least avoid active outdoor exercise.”

We rarely suggest not riding on bikeprovo, but you may want to take a break to avoid becoming ill. These pollution levels are very serious, and many cyclists have encountered breathing problems when choosing to ignore the warnings.

This is also another huge reminder that we need to take responsibility for the quality of our air. We can’t be held responsible for the inversion (the pollution gets trapped under cold air in the valley). However, we are responsible and can work to change what kind of air does get trapped in the valley on inversion days. If more people ride, we’ll have fewer “stay inside” days.

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