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Support Orem City and Their Bicycle Pedestrian Plan, Tomorrow.

Tomorrow is an important day for Orem City and as such is an important day for all of us in Utah Valley, especially Provo. Orem City will be holding a hearing tomorrow to review a Bicycle/Ped. Master Plan that has been in the works officially for over a year. You may be asking, “Why is this important to Provo?” Orem City and Provo City meet on a pretty regular bases, at these meetings the conversation of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure has been coming up pretty frequently which keeps both cities connected and both cities moving forward on this important issue of mobility and transportation. Showing up to the meeting even if you are not a resident of Orem shows the city that there are a lot of us interested in seeing our communities become better and safer places for all users. BikeProvo will be there to take notes and a few pictures. We hope to see all of you there as well.

Time: Tuesday November 9, 6pm

Place: 56 N State St Orem Ut (in the City Council Chambers)

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