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Tour of Utah Is Coming To Provo!

We just recently received an email from Dixon Holmes who is Head of Economic Development in Provo letting us know about volunteer opportunities for the Tour of Utah. Here is what Mr. Holmes has to say;

“Provo is one of the host cities for the Tour of Utah 2011.  Specifically, Stage 2 of this event will be rolling through Provo on Thursday, August 11th in the early afternoon.  We need volunteers desperately.  Please go to and sign up as a volunteer for Stage 2.  Tell all your riding friends and lets show these world class riders that we can support our sport.  Post this flyer, forward it, become a volunteer.”

It does not matter what type of bike rider you are this is great news for bicycling in Provo. Not only does this put Provo on the map with road bikers because this race is the third biggest of it’s kind in the U.S., and many of the Tour De France teams will be riding in it, but it also shows the city in general that bikes are good for businesses. Make sure to sign up as a volunteer so this can be a big success not only for our great city, but also for bicycling in general.

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