What to do when hit by a driver

Getting hit by a driver while riding a bike can be disorienting and confusing. Your initial reaction might be to get up and say you’re okay or to get in a fight with the driver. However, there is a correct way to approach the situation. The following steps come from CityLab:

  1. Stay calm and move out of the street
  2. Keep the driver there
  3. Call the police and wait for them
  4. Collect the driver’s information and take tons of photos
  5. When the police come, make your voice heard
  6. Seek medical attention ASAP
  7. Start and insurance claim
  8. Call a lawyer

For more in-depth information, Utah Bicycle Lawyers Christensen & Hymas literally wrote the book on dealing with bicycle accidents in Utah and they give it out for free. Check it out!

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