Become A Bicycle Ambassador

The Provo Bicycle Committee is looking for five awesome bike riders who can help out with getting the good word out in Provo. They are looking to fill the spots this week (by Thursday night) so make sure to contact them quickly. You may be asking yourselves, ” I love bikes, but whats in it for me?” I will tell you what is in it for you. Every Ambassador will get an awesome flyer pouch for their bicycle (see above), the first prints of the new “I (an image of a bicycle) Provo” t-shirt,

as well as a custom made, Provo specific, cycling cap all for FREE. So, if you are going to be around for the weekend and you plan on riding your bike around a lot get ahold of the Bike Committee at or you can email BikeProvo at

‘I Wish This Was…’ Program

This is straight from the Mayor’s blog. I urge everyone who can make it to be at the event so we can all be better educated on the how and why of this new program in Provo. This could be a great way to get bicycle facilities in our wonderful downtown area.

“Provo’s downtown is, in many ways, a canvas that’s waiting for new paint. Another opportunity to do just that in a new, unique way is being presented tomorrow on University Ave. at 11:30 a.m.
“I Wish This Was” is a program born out of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Residents in the city wanted to play a role in revitalizing the areas hit hardest. One resident, Candy Chang, came up with the idea of using stickers and markers as a way to have a voice in the recovery effort.
Tomorrow in downtown Provo, organizations around the community will be joining one another at 19 N. University Ave to kick off a similar project. It’s a way to allow public input and dialogue in shaping areas of our downtown Provo.
We look forward to having a supportive crowd attend and invite anyone to come participate.”

What a Beautiful Day It Must Have Been

We all know that Portland is an incredible place for bicycles, and we here at BIkeProvo try not to over emphasize this point. However, sometimes there are just some amazing things that must be shared to show all of us how it could be. Over the last week or two Portland has been in the middle of their annual Pedalpalooza. It is similar to our Bike Week but goes on for 17 days and has a bicycle event happening every two hours or so throughout the whole day and into the night (one day Provo one day). If you want to be really jealous you can see the schedule here or read about one of BikeProvo’s good friend’s experience with it here.

Every Sunday Portland does something called Sunday Parkways. The city shuts down roads in a certain area and makes it safe for bikers to come out in full force and enjoy different neighborhoods in the city. This last Sunday Parkway was a huge success, and ‘saw tens of thousands of people enjoy activities in the parks, food and wares from local vendors, and much more.‘ I highly recommend heading over to BikePortland and checking out the glowing review as well as the wonderful pictures. (All photos come from

Provo Bike Committee Meeting Tomorrow

Don’t miss tomorrow’s bike committee meeting – it’s the perfect way to get involved and really make a difference in our community. Here are the details from the Bike Committee Meeting Facebook Event:

This is your friendly reminder of the Committee Meeting this week. We will be meeting in the City Building on 351 W. Center St. on Thursday at 5pm. We meet on the second floor of the building in the large Council Room.

This week we will be talking about the 700 E and gearing up for a few bicycle events for the next few weeks. Hope to see you there!

Everyone is invited to show up and help make Provo a better place for bikes. Come to make new cycling friends and see what you can add to the discussion.

Reporting from the First Provelo of 2011

The first Provelo Family Bike Picnic of 2011 was a delight.

Old and new friends gathered together to eat the lunches they brought (as well as some delicious communal dishes, like Bike Committee member Carol Ann’s quinoa salad). They chowed down on watermelon and fearlessly accepted challengers for the bike jousting competition.

The devoted bike advocates inked themselves with (temporary) bike tattoos.

And, there was a surprise visitor. Steve, the main marketing extraordinaire from Yuba Bicycles, came bearing food and a cargo bike. He had heard about Provo’s growing bike culture and came to check us out. (Pictured at the top in the white hat…thanks for visiting Steve!)

As always, thanks for coming to Provelo. We were especially delighted to see all the families and kids. Next month’s bike picnic will be even better, so stay tuned for more information!

Can’t get enough bike jousting pictures? Continue reading

Provelo Is Here! Help Us Get The Word Out.

This is a big week for bicycles in Provo. First there was the Road Respect Tour, and now Provelo (here is a recap), is on Saturday. Provelo is a monthly bicycle picnic which gives all of us a great excuse to come together for food, fun, and bicycles. It does not matter if you wear lycra, or have 100 gears on your bicycle, or one gear on your bicycle, this picnic is for everyone. This month there will be bike jousting (yes it is as awesome as it sounds), track stand competition (bring your fixie), temporary bicycle tattoos, activities for kids, as well as some bicycle Swag.

Since the picnic is on Saturday and there is not a lot of time until then to make sure that everyone knows about the event we are asking you our BikeProvo readers to help out by getting the word out. Make the poster your status picture on Facebook, talk to your friends about it, print out posters and hang them up at work, get on the roof of the Nu-Skin building with a mega phone. Ok, so the last one may be a little much but, you get the picture. We hope to see you, your friends, and family at this awesome event. The info is below.