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A Survey of Bike Parking


Bicycle parking is a varied and sometimes evocative creature. Some parking solutions neither amaze or anger, but merely merit a “meh.” Though, in the end the utility and necessity of these small structures should not be understated. I began to think a survey of bike parking structures throughout the world would help us continue to create our own identity.

I wanted to gather a host of images documenting the variety, beauty, failure, and banality of bike parking throughout the world. I have also tried to document the growing variety and ubiquity of bike parking in Provo, though we have a long way to go yet. I hope this post inspires the community to see what could be done to further integrate bicycles into our infrastructure and culture.

Bike Parking Throughout the World

Paris, el Vélib
(c) Fernando Mandujano |
Bike parking in Osaka, Japan
(c) sfcityscape |
Bike parking at Mall of America
(c) Steven Vance |
Sheltered bike parking in front of Bank of America (Portland)
(c) Steven Vance |
Bike corral in Portland, Oregon
(c) Mike Stosberg |
Bike Parking at Portland Airport
(c) BikeMontclair |
When offered a choice between sub-standard “comb” or U-racks, the choice is obvious.
(c) Reconnecting America |
On-street bicycle parking in Savannah, GA.
(c) Reconnecting America |
New York City includes a bicycle map within all bicycle shelters.
(c) |


Thanks to high demand, a bicycle parking station at Berkeley’s central BART stop is being expanded.
(c) Flickr/emptyhighway |
A new bicycle commuter facility in downtown Pittsburgh re-used old shipping containers to conspicuously provide long and short-term parking facilities, including showers and lockers.
(c) Reconnecting America |
Bike Parking under the Highline: America is Great
(c) Benepe |
More DC offices should jump on the Bicycle Friendly Business bandwagon, providing cycling amenities like this secure bike parking area.
(c) richardmasoner |


Bike Parking in Provo

WARNING to Cyclists – BYU, 2009
(c) Hungry Hungry Ghost |
The Zion’s Bank building provides covered bike parking in its garage.
(c) Jim Dalrymple |


New Bike Racks at the Provo Library
(c) BikeProvo/Jamie |

If you have additional photos of bike parking in Provo feel free to share your photo links with us! Have a great weekend!


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  1. This is a great post. I wish my last apartment complex would put in bike racks. The very strict HOA leaders (all over 60 years old) charged fines for bikes in apartments, bikes locked outside, bikes on balconies. The only place they wanted bikes was in the underground parking garage, but didn’t provide anywhere to lock them up, leaving them open to theft for anyone who could get into the not-so-secure underground parking. Aside from that personal anecdote, I think Provo is improving, but I’d love to see greater support in the form of bike lanes and education efforts to help both drivers and cyclists share the road safely.

  2. Regardless of bike parking, I would probably ride my bike around. However, I do have to admit that when attempting to go anywhere like BYU or UVU I would only want to go on a bike because of the horrible car parking options. I think if we really want to increase biking there are a multiplicity of factors.

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