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New Bike Racks at the Provo Library

Have you seen the new bike racks on the south side of the Provo City Library? They were just installed and are already filled with bikes every day. Now, there are much-used racks on both sides of the library, making it easier for book lovers to go by bike.

Take a look at the awesome snapshot my husband took when he was riding to the library for a meeting just last night.

One of the best things about bike racks is that they remind us of the possibility of riding. I know that when I drive somewhere and park next to filled bike racks, I think to myself “Oh yeah, self, it would be so easy to ride here. And more fun. And I wouldn’t have to go to the gym. I could probably even eat an extra doughnut in the morning. MMMM….doughnuts…” Clearly, the already-full racks indicate that other local cyclists have been similarly inspired to ride.

Thanks to the Library staff for supporting bikes in the community. Next time you’re headed down to our local library, giving pedaling a try.

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