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Action Alert: Ask for University Ave. Bike Lanes TODAY


The comment period for the Provo-Orem Bus Rapid Transit Environmental Assessment is over today.

Please take a look at what the project proposes and email your comments to the project team:

This is our last chance to comment in favor of features like bike lanes (or at least sharrows) on University Ave, HAWK signals for pedestrians, improving the University Parkway multi-use trail, etc.

Need some help generating ideas? Take a look at what I sent the project team below:


In response to the BRT environmental assessment document, I would like to request the following:

– Please consider bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure throughout the project.

– Bicycle lanes on University Ave. would connect students to downtown and to the FrontRunner. This would make University Ave. a national example of a Complete Street and would put our city on the map as far as being transit-oriented, walkable, and bikable. Bike lanes are possible by removing only a few parking spaces. Realize that people riding bicycles are currently able to take advantage of a wide shoulder. When the shoulder is eliminated, bikes will be pushed out into traffic. If bike lanes are absolutely impossible, please ensure that there are bike sharrows and “Share the Road” signage to encourage safety.

– At many non-signalized crossings, pedestrians find crossing the street particularly dangerous. Please consider adding HAWK crossings at all non-signalized crosswalks along the route.

– The multi-use path on University Parkway is a good example of the type of infrastructure choices we need to offer residents. Please make sure that the path is not compromised by the expansion of the road. Where possible, please take into account measures to improve the path’s safety and lighting.

Overall, I believe the BRT project will be a major improvement to our community. Thank you for your dedication to this cause.

Jamie Littlefield

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