#bikewalkprovostories Bryant Jensen “I cycle to commute and for exercise. It’s been my primary mode of local travel for 20 years–in Tempe (AZ), Delano (CA), Eugene (OR), and now, for the past 8 and half years, in Provo. I like to think while moving, and to experience my city differently (outside of a car). I get to experience the nooks and crannies of my community much better on a bike. My kids love it too. Cycling together bonds us. We have five kids. The four oldest cycled with me everyday to BYU campus for preschool–rain, snow, sleet, or hail–and remember it fondly, despite my yells at them to “pedal, pedal, pedal!” to get up temple hill from downtown where we live. We also cycle together for fun, especially on Saturdays along the river in spring and fall.”

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