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Congressman Blumenauer at Interbike.

Blumenauer opens Interbike-3

Right now in Las Vegas one of the best industry conventions ever is happening, Interbike. Interbike is the national bicycle convention that takes place for 4 days in Sin City. Along with all the spandex and gears there is tons of fenders, lights, and cool helmets. You can go here, here or here for more coverage. Aside from the fashion shows, cyclocross race, and alleycats there is from time to time an incredible speech. Yesterday marked such a speech. It was a call to arms for the bicycle industry made by Congressman Earl Blumenauer to step up their game in making cycling more prevelant in their communities and in the nation. Although the message leaned more to industry there were some great recognitions for those of us who ride and motivation for us to get others on bicycles as well. Here is one of my favorite lines:

“This work you are doing is a convergence that is unique… I know of no other industry where all the elements come together — health care, energy, the economy, revitalizing our neighborhoods. I defy you to find any other industry that can do very well economically while also saving the planet. I’m hopeful that we are able to carry this message forward to ride the wave of a bicycle renaissance in America.”

I have always said that the bicycle has the answer for everything it is nice to hear those thoughts backed up by a congressman :). Go to Bikeportland for the full scoop. And a big shout out to our local shops especially MadDog Cycles and Racers for supporting local cycling events here in Provo.

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