Jessica Dillman #bikewalkprovostories Somewhere in the city, paralleling the Lake Bottom Canal from Lions Park to Freedom Academy, is a matrix of well maintained interlocking sidewalks used daily by happy, healthy children.  Jessica Dillman has been walking her two daughters, ten year old twins, to Freedom Prep Academy, a tuition-free K-12 public charter school in the Rivergrove neighborhood, since they were in kindergarten. The daughters are now finishing up fifth grade. Along with her on her twice daily visits to the school Jessica takes her five year old son, who once rode in a stroller but now rides his bike or walks, and her dog Atlas. From Jessica’s home to the school it’s a half mile distance, altogether a one mile walk for her daughters each day and a two mile walk for Jessica, her son, and Atlas. One daughter has tutoring on Tuesdays, creating an extra trip on that day. Using the sidewalks their walking experience is pleasant and friendly; sometimes “people not from our neighborhood are driving too fast,” but normally people are conscientious with the speed limits. “We have a friendly neighborhood,” she says and adds that she waves to people more during that short walk than to others all day long. Jessica does have a bike, but she prefers to walk.  One of her daughters has a scooter and a bike but also prefers to walk with Atlas, so the dog always goes along and gets in his much needed outing as well. (Continued in Comments…)

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