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Provo Applies to Renew Status as Bicycle-Friendly City (And This Time, We’re Going for the Gold!)



Provo Bicycle Committee Chair, Aaron Skabelund, recently submitted the Bicycle-Friendly Community application to the League of American Bicyclists. A BIG THANKS to the dozens of folks in the Committee who helped prepare the application during and outside of our monthly meetings since the beginning of the year, and a BIGGER THANKS to them and others for all you have done over the last several years to actually make Provo more bicycle-friendly.

Four years ago, the league recognized Provo as a bronze-status Bicycle-Friendly Community. This month was the deadline to renew that status and request to move up in rank. We are of course aiming for a gold but what really matters is how the application process actually helps us make Provo a more bicycle-friendly community. We certainly have made a lot of progress over the last four years thanks to everyone’s efforts and the forward-looking leadership of Mayor John Curtis, the city council, and city engineering, planning, parks and rec, police, and economic development officials who have worked closely with the Committee (and the Collective) to improve Provo’s quality of life for everyone.

We look forward to applying again in several years when a number of transformative projects, such as the Bulldog Blvd protected bike lanes, the 200 East Neighborhood Greenway, and BRT, are complete.

Another purpose of the application is to learn what we can do better. The league will provide provide Provo with detailed feedback when they notify of us their decision.

But the Bike Committee reviewed the application, a number of ways we can do better and make Provo more bicycle friendly became obvious:

– As called for the Bicycle Master Plan, the creation of a Bicycle (and Pedestrian) Coordinator position within the city.

Dedicated city funding for bicycle and pedestrian improvements

– Setting specific bike mode share goals (for 2020 and 2030, for example)

– Conducting official counts of the numbers of bicyclists in Provo

– Continued progress on creating a truly safe and convenient integrated network of bicycle lanes and trails throughout the city and connected to neighboring communities (the map below shows where things stand now)

Bicycle parking requirements for all new developments and active encouragement for existing developments

– An active Safe Routes to School coordinator in the Provo School District (every child living within a mile or so of school should be able to safely walk or bike to school!)

Bicycle education being offered at schools beyond Provo Peaks (which will start this fall thanks to the Collective

– Provo City Corporation and local businesses and organizations becoming Bicycle-Friendly Businesses

In short, we have made a lot of progress and have a lot to do. If you would like to join us making Provo an even better place, please join us! You can sign up for newsletters on the right-hand column of this webpage.

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