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You're Invited: Bike Committee's Bike-In Movie TOMORROW

Come one, come all to the Bike Committee’s bike-in movie this Friday. In a grassy backyard just three blocks from Center St. we’ll lay out our blankets under the stars, chat it up with other cyclists, and enjoy handful after handful of buttery popcorn. (I’ve also heard rumour that the Famous Bike Committee cookies may make a showing…)

What: Bike-in movie featuring Breaking Away – a hilarious and endearing story about a small-town American teen that begins to think he’s Italian after winning an Italian  bicycle.

When: Friday, May 21. 7:45

Where: 341 E. 300 S. (a backyard near downtown Provo. The house has two Chinese lanterns on the front porch. Just ride on back -you’ll hear where the fun is coming from.)

Bring your friends and family. Popcorn will be provided. If you want another snack to share feel free to bring it along in your basket or cargo bucket. RSVP on the Facebook Bike-In Event.

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