#BikeWalkProvo Stories Rick West – @rickwestbyu “I always thought that cars were a necessity because, how else can you get around? After living in the Netherlands for a few months, I realized that doesn’t have to be true, and that biking, walking, or transit can be a better way to get around. Once we came home to Utah, we have tried to incorporate these alternative transit modes into our daily lives. What we have learned is that non-car transit provides many wonderful benefits to our family. First, greater freedom for our teenagers, who can travel to work or school without our car. Second, better health for all of us. Third, and perhaps most surprising, a much better feeling of connection to our community. When we are out biking, we see people we don’t normally get to see, and we notice interesting and beautiful things we had been missing. We thought we would bike to save money, but now we bike because it makes us feel more happy and alive!”

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