#BikeWalkProvoStories @carfreewithkids, @efarnes “In late 2018 our car started to become a heavy financial burden. We had just paid off student loans and didn’t want to go into debt to buy a car. My husband and 2 kids (at the time) only needed our car 5-10% of the time, the majority of what we needed was within a mile of where we lived. Having lived in England without a car, visiting Denmark a couple of times, and with UVX in construction we thought we could go without a car, and bought an inexpensive cargo bike instead. Since then we’ve upgraded to a different cargo bike and added more bikes and a scooter as well as another child. Biking really has become a tool to a lot of things I’m trying to change. It helps us put more of our money where we want it, it helps with the planet, it helps with our health, and as a woman riding with kids, it helps with the perception of who can ride and how. I’d love to see more protected bike lanes so my kids can commute by bike safer as they get older. I’d also like to see education for all who are biking so we can be a bigger force for change of infrastructure as well as perception.”

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