#bikewalkprovostories George Handley “I confess that I don’t like driving mainly because I can’t stand traffic and feeling stuck. I don’t mind taking longer to get somewhere, as long as I can control the pace I am going. I just hate not moving at all. I lived in terrible traffic for ten years in the Bay Area in CA, and I vowed to avoid such a fate for the rest of my life if I could. Now that I live in Utah, I am especially aware that my driving contributes to air pollution, so I chose to live close to work and manage to bike or walk to work every day. I rode my bike downtown to the city center to declare my intention to run for city council over three years ago and I have commuted by bike to city meetings ever since. I love passing cars that are stopped by traffic and getting to the front of the line at a stop light. Even though I am slower than cars, I feel like I am moving as quickly as I want to. In recent years, I have recently discovered the extra convenience of an ebike that allows me to travel even more quickly and without arriving at important meetings all sweaty!! I love the feeling of being on my bike in almost any weather. I feel like I am more in touch with where I live on a bike. That is important to me.”

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