Provo City and BikeWalk Provo Conduct Bike and Walk Count

Awkward stalker photo from another community’s bike/ped count

In early September, Provo City joined other communities around the US to count people biking and walking as part of the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project. The goal of the project is to provide estimates of people biking and walking in a certain area as well as track changes over time.

We hope to work with Provo City on this next year (and the year after, and the year after…) and see an increase in the number of people biking and walking as our community builds more compact, mixed-use development as well as quality bike infrastructure.

If you’re a data nerd, you’re going to love this data.

Provo Bicycle Collective Invites Women to Volunteer


“Bike mechanics has traditionally been a male-dominated trade. Let’s change that.

Women’s volunteer hours are designed to create a safe and inclusive space for learning bike mechanics. All bicycles repaired by volunteers are given away to people who couldn’t otherwise afford one, giving independent transportation to those who need it most. Our goal in creating this program will be reached if women feel included in our volunteer program.

We invite all women and other female-identifying people to join us during these volunteer hours to repair bikes for those in need. We need your help!

Provo Bicycle Collective gave away 408 bikes in 2017 and with your help, we will give away many more in the years to come.”

Current volunteer hours for this program are Mondays from 4pm to 7pm.   Drop in anytime during those hours to join.

Come Learn to Fix Your Bike!


The Provo Bicycle Collective is hosting their second Basic Bicycle Maintenance Class of the year! Now’s a perfect time to pull your bike out of the garage and make sure it’s running before spring hits!

The details:

Basic Bicycle Maintenance Class

Thursday February 20th, 6pm

Provo Bicycle Collective: 1100 W 49 N Unit 2, Provo UT 84601

5$ gets you into the class. 2$ patch kits will also be available and hot chocolate is free!

The class will cover some of the basics, such as:

– Changing a flat
– How to lubricate a chain
– Basic brake adjustment
– Correct tire inflation tips

Check out the event on facebook or just show up!  E-mail us at if you have questions.

Bring your friends and we’ll see you there!

Basic Maintenance Class at the Provo Bicycle Collective


Bring your friends to the Provo Bicycle Collective to learn the basics of bicycle maintenance on Thursday January 30th at 7pm!

The class will cover:

-Fixing a flat

-Chain care and lubrication

-Brake adjustment

-Tips on proper tire inflation

The class costs 5$ and hot chocolate will be included!

You can RSVP to the event on facebook, or just show up at the Collective’s Bike Shop located at 1100 W, 49 N, Provo UT 84601

The Provo Bicycle Collective is a non-profit volunteer run bicycle shop where mechanics teach visitors how to fix their own bicycles.  The collective also sells used bicycles and parts and are always looking for volunteers to help them organize, run events, tear down/fix up bicycles or teach classes.  They also accept donations.  Drop by during their open hours to check them out, or send them an e-mail!

Thursdays 1pm-7pm

Fridays 2pm-6pm

Saturdays 10am-3pm


See you there!

Bike and Build Program Helps Restore Historic George Taylor Jr. Home

george taylor 2Did you notice the commotion at the historic George Taylor Jr. home in downtown Provo last week? It is getting some much-needed restoration help from the non-profit Bike and Build Program. Over 28 self-funded cyclists are riding for 11 weeks and helping improve neighborhoods along the way.

The Daily Herald reports:

“Their demolition work in Provo was different to the other 15 days of home building they take part in during the trip. Some, including Cindy Freimark, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, were quite surprised to be working on such a historic building.

‘Whoever moves in will be so lucky because it’s so beautiful,’ she said.”

A couple years ago, this historic building was slotted for demolition. But, thanks to volunteer groups like Bike and Build and Habitat for Humanity, it will be a highlight of downtown Provo in the coming weeks. Thanks for helping out with our community, Bike and Build cyclists!

To learn more about this program (and see if you might want to volunteer for an epic building ride next year), check out their facebook page and take a look at the video below:


Bicycle Volunteers Needed on June 26, 27, & 29

If you’re interested in lending a hand for the cycling community, we need volunteers for a couple of events next week.

Helpers are needed for the Timpanogos Gran Fondo on June 29th, and we’re looking for some additional volunteers to help out at aid stations and along the course on race-day. If you’re interested, the organizers are happy to give all the volunteers one of their race shirts, a guaranteed spot in next year’s race, and a $10 discount for next year’s event. We know it’s last minute, but please sign up by this weekend and let them know that you’re with the when you sign up (it will appear as an option).

Bike Rodeo volunteers are needed throughout the summer to help guide obstacle courses, fix flat tires, etc. At the moment, volunteers are needed for the evenings of June 26th and June 27th. Email bikeprovo (at) gmail (dot) com to volunteer and get more info.

Thanks for your willingness to help our city become more bike friendly!